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2014: A Year in Review | Part Seven: Sales Process


As 2014 comes to a close, we like to take a minute and reflect on the posts that resonated the most this year. Here's a year in review of our most popular posts regarding the sales process. 

Sales and Business Clichés We Should All Stop Using

When trying to uncover really important client needs, shouldn’t we at least spend a few minutes writing more creative, specific, meaningful questions that have not been used a ka-billion times?

How to Build a Referral Machine in Five Steps

Do you want to increase sales? You need to learn how to build a referral machine. Here's a five-step instruction manual.

Why Dropping Rates to Beat Your Competitor’s Price Just Doesn’t Cut It

You may be tempted to lower your price to beat your competitor, but competing on price won't get you anywhere. Find out why dropping rates to beat your competitor's price just doesn't cut it.

Why Prospects Aren't Calling You Back (And What You Can Do About It)

Sometimes your calls aren't returned. Find out why prospects aren't calling you back, and what you can do about it.

5 Things to Include in Your Sales Collateral So It Doesn’t Get Trashed

Make sure you're doing more with your sales collateral than simply asking someone else to throw it away for you. Include these five things.

5 Reasons to Move Beyond Selling Benefits and Features

Still selling benefits and talking about features to your prospects? Here are five reasons to stop.

The Greatest Sale I Never Made

As a salesperson asking the right questions is a smart sales strategy. These 7 questions can help you make sure that your proposal is received well.

The Key To Selling Bigger Deals

The key to selling bigger deals (when you have a new product to offer and when you don’t) is to tailor the solution to a specific need.

Sales Prospecting: Sorry, Dude. She’s Just Not That Into You.

In sales prospecting, just like dating, you need to know when they object of your desire just isn't into you.

Where Most Sales Pipeline Problems Spring a Leak

Most sales pipeline problems spring a leak near the faucet, not near the nozzle. Learn why this is a problem.

When a Salesperson Should Mind Their Own Business

It's a tactical mistake that B2B salespeople take focusing on how the prospect is going to pay for your product or service. Focus on these types of B2B selling questions instead.

Can B2B Salespeople Close More by Selling Less?

Sounds counterintuitive, but it's true. B2B salespeople can close more business by selling less. Find out how.

Winning is Everything! How to Stay Motivated in a Long Sales Cycle

For many B2B salespeople, winning is everything. How do successful salespeople keep winning?

Once The Issue of Price Is On the Table, the Selling is Over

Once you're talking about price, you're no longer selling. Read why the selling process stops once you talk about cost at The Center for Sales Strategy.

Do You Dangle Your Product—or Your Process? Building a Better Sales Relationship

Are you dangling your process or your product? If you want to build a better sales relationship, there is a right answer to this question.

You Got the First Appointment. Now What?

Congratulations, you just got the first appointment. Now what do you do?

3 Things to Do When Getting The Appointment Seems Impossible

Getting the first appointment sometimes feels absolutely impossible. Refer to this when you feel like all hope is lost.

Those were our best posts about the sales process. What stood out to you?

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