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Weekly Roundup: Companies Fail to Hire Top Sales Talent, Remote Work Forever + More

Companies Fail to Hire Top Sales Talent, Remote Work Forever


"Employers and business leaders need people who can think for themselves - who can take initiative and be the solution to problems."

-Stephen Covey


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Five Reasons Companies Fail to Hire Top Sales Talent Selling Power

We all know that hiring the wrong salesperson is expensive. Research shows that high-tech companies lose as much as $2 million per year on a bad sales hire. They lose revenue, damage reputation, impact market share, and hurt the culture to name a few. 

Here are five reasons many companies fail to hire top salespeople.  >>> READ MORE

Will Sales Teams Move Back Into the Office? HubSpot

The world is a very different place than it was two years ago. Many of the changes we’re seeing now will stick around long after the pandemic has ended, including remote work and hybrid office environments.

Before COVID-19, remote work was commonly used as a benefit to attract employees. People who work from home report higher job satisfaction, higher salaries than on-site workers, and less stress.

A remote work model also benefits employers with reduced overhead costs and higher rates of employee productivity. Yet, 32% of companies across the globe still didn’t allow remote work prior to COVID-19.

As the global health crisis continues to ebb and flow, many businesses are wondering if an office is necessary at all. >>> READ MORE

[INFOGRAPHIC] Can You Afford a Weak Company Culture? Up Your Culture

Quality products, strategic and innovative marketing, and record sales are all very important pieces when it comes to measuring the success of an organization. The factor many companies often forget are the people who make those successes possible.

Company culture and employee engagement go hand in hand. Your employees are the backbone to your organization. If they're unhappy, it's going to cost you. >>> READ MORE

Attract More Clients on LinkedIn With These 6 Steps LinkedIn

LinkedIn hosts a community of nearly 750 million professionals around the globe, spanning almost every industry, vertical, and line of work imaginable. No matter what space you sell in, your future customers are on this platform.

That said, reaching and converting the right decision-makers is not automatic. If you’re wondering how to find clients on LinkedIn, you’re far from alone. While the process is fluid and variable, it generally requires smart prospect identification and qualification, earnest relationship-building, and insightful problem-solving. >>>READ MORE

16 Tips to Double Your Reply Rates SalesLoft

The first step to closing a deal is getting a lead to engage. Even for inbound leads, if the first communication isn’t perceived well (or read at all), you’ll have virtually no shot of closing that deal. 

Jeremey Donovan, SVP of Sales Strategy at SalesLoft, looked at more than 3,000,000 emails sent from the SalesLoft platform in the first half of 2020. From that analysis, he identified 16 data-driven tips for prospecting that he shared during Tenbound’s Virtual Sales Development Conference. These insights will set you on a path to higher response rates and better communication with your prospects. >>>READ MORE

3 Tips to Ensure Your Team Get the Most Out of the HubSpot Marketing and Sales Tools LeadG2

Recently, HubSpot announced that it has surpassed 100,000 paying customers worldwide. Obviously, a lot of businesses are finding value in HubSpot’s ability to support their marketing objectives and sales growth goals. And a lot of those companies are looking for ways they can get the most out for their HubSpot investment.

Remember, HubSpot is only a tool. HubSpot in and of itself is not the answer to your marketing challenges. >>> READ MORE

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