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Weekly Roundup: Sales Coaching Tips, How Culture Impacts Your Bottom Line + More

sales coahing tips


"Quality performance starts with a positive attitude."

-Jeffery Gitomer


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25 Expert Sales Coaching Tips and Techniques to Amplify Close Rates Close

Sales coaching is just one cog in the day-to-day life of a sales manager. But in between setting quota and goals, keeping the team motivated, measuring results, and forecasting future sales, how can you as a sales manager make sure you’re also coaching your team effectively?

We’re about to dive into 25 of the best sales coaching tips and techniques for managers to live by. These techniques will help you build a better strategy, onboard faster, coach low-performers and all-stars, and set goals that your team can reach. >>> READ MORE

Five Ways Company Culture Impacts Your Bottom Line Up Your Culture

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, company executives have to make choices every day about where to invest time, energy, and money to keep their companies viable and profitable. 

Sometimes those choices are obvious like new product development or software systems to allow the organization to run more efficiently and productively. Sometimes, however, the right choices are not so obvious which raises the question, is devoting effort and resources to less tangible projects like a healthy company culture really worth it? 

Here are five things to think about when pondering that question. >>> READ MORE

3 Simple Steps for The Perfect Sales Pipeline Review Meeting – InsightSquared

We’ve all heard the phrase practice makes perfect. But does it really? Or does practice just instill habits? Maybe a more honest saying is practice makes permanent

As sales leaders, we’re constantly in the business of instilling permanence in our sales team through our weekly activities. Your team meeting cadences, customer / prospect management style and what you coach your reps to focus on all determine your organization’s success. >>> READ MORE

How to Be a Thought Leader on LinkedIn LeadG2

By now, you've heard the term "thought leadership."

You likely know its purpose is more than just brand awareness. It's about building your business or personal brand to be seen as an authentic resource and developing deeper relationships with the people you want to reach.

What you might not know is how to be a thought leader or how to use LinkedIn in your thought leadership efforts. Social media platforms (specifically LinkedIn) should be a primary place for your efforts to become a thought leader. >>>READ MORE

Why Prioritizing Buyer Intent Data Is A Must For 2021 HubSpot

There's a very real possibility that today’s decision-makers will continue to research and make purchase decisions remotely — even in a post-pandemic world.

The top three reasons for this shift in preference? Ease of scheduling, savings on travel expenses, and safety (obviously). As buyer behaviors continue to change, and the level of competition scales up, B2B buyer intent data is becoming increasingly valuable

In this post, you’ll learn the differences between first-party intent data and third-party intent data. You'll also see how they empower sales and marketing efforts in a "new," noisy, and fast-changing remote-first environment. >>>READ MORE

Buyers and Sellers Speak on the Power of Sales Relationships LinkedIn

Once upon a time, a salesperson's success was often determined by the size of their Rolodex. Today, it's defined by the strength of their buyer relationships.

Why is it so important to build these strong connections? Because today’s decision-makers are looking for more than just to be sold to. They’re looking for a partner and advocate they can trust. >>> READ MORE

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