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Weekly Roundup: 2021's Top Growth Categories, Improving Culture & Attracting Talent + More

2021s Top Growth Categories, Improving Culture & Attracting Talent


"Be miserable or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice."

-Wayne Dyer


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The Five Ad Categories Set to Boost Radio Ad Spend The Most This Year InsideRadio

Local businesses will boost their ad spending by 7.3% to $127.3 billion in 2021 with radio right in line with a forecasted 6.9% year-over-year increase. But the latest outlook from Borrell Associates points to “new trajectories” for local advertising this year with some ad categories upping their spend with radio far more than others.  >>> READ MORE

How Do You Improve Your Company Culture? Here Are 12 Suggestions Up Your Culture

Have you ever read the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? It's a circular tale of how one thing leads to another.

At times, building company culture can feel the same way. Too often, leaders feel that building a good culture is all about fun and games, with one trend leading to another. It can feel overwhelming.

While it is nice to have fun at work, the best cultures are those where an employee is engaged in their job and therefore gives their best at work. When your employees are more engaged, they give their best at work. That leads the entire team to perform better as a whole and drives your company to increase revenue. >>> READ MORE

Build & Maintain a Strong Reputation That Will Attract Great Talent Delivering Happiness

The company's success depends on the strengths of its employees. The people you welcome to your company are the people that can help you rise to the top. That's why employing great talent is the foundation for a company's success.

Incredibly talented, ambitious, and competent workers are a dream come true for all employers. To gain the attention of such talent and evoke their desire to be your employee, you need a strong reputation. Companies with a strong reputation see 50% more qualified applicants and take 1-2x faster to hire. >>> READ MORE

10 Common Time Management Mistakes That Are Slowing You Down OpenView

Somehow it’s already 3pm yet you’re still working on the same small task you started first thing this morning. Your to-do list is piling up, you’re way behind schedule, and now it’s time for two hours of back-to-back Zoom calls. Yikes.

Most of us have been in this kind of situation—and many of us find ourselves there just about every day. Despite our best efforts to efficiently organize our time, stay on top of our schedule, and complete all of our tasks, we still find it hard to keep things under control. >>>READ MORE

Make Sales Contests About Skills, Not Outcomes BuiltIn

One of the most memorable sales contests Nikki Ivey has ever participated in was one she didn’t even win.

At the time, Ivey was working as an account executive at the real-estate software company Qualia. The competition centered on social selling, with the goal of seeing who could make the most LinkedIn connections in one evening. The topic alone was a refreshing twist from the run-of-the-mill sales dial-athons and quota-based competitions she had participated in at past stops, but that wasn’t what made this contest so meaningful. >>>READ MORE

Keys to Employing Real Empathy in Virtual Selling LinkedIn

Modern sales oftentimes require interacting with customers through a screen, which, as many of us have learned in the last year, can feel impersonal.

Can salespeople achieve true empathy when communicating with buyers online, and is it really that critical? The answer is yes, empathy in sales is arguably more important now than ever! Below we’ll dive into specific pointers to help you establish deeper digital connections and understand the place emotional intelligence has in virtual selling. >>> READ MORE

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