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Weekly Roundup: Why Are Salespeople Afraid Of Change, Different Views on the Future of Remote Work + More

Why Are Salespeople Afraid Of Change, Different Views on the Future of Remote Work


"Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

-Madam C J. Walker


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Why Are Salespeople So Afraid Of Change? OpenView

It breaks my heart when salespeople are resistant to change.

We’ve seen it happen again and again: A new trend emerges. LinkedIn lights up with hot takes from thought leaders. Every vendor within a 100-mile radius tries to put their spin on it and turn it into a reason you need their product. We beat it to death and then you tune it out.

Remember when an entire industry of salespeople disregarded the account-based movement? We failed to think through the changes our marketing teams were going to make, how that would impact our pipeline, and then what behavioral change we should make as a result. We didn’t invest the time to help build our territories, we didn’t participate in writing the nurture drips, we didn’t react to the new lead intel, and so on. >>> READ MORE

Executives, Workers See Future of Remote Work Differently Marketplace

As increasing vaccinations make returning to the office a reality, tensions between workers and managers are rising about what that should look like.

While Google, Twitter and Microsoft have embraced flexible and remote work, the heads of JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs have expressed frustration with it, as did the CEO of Washingtonian magazine in a Washington Post opinion piece that sparked a strong reaction from employees. >>> READ MORE

3 Best Practices for Improving Employee Retention LinkedIn

In a recent column for The New York Times, Kevin Roose highlights a growing trend among millennial workers: quitting stable, well-paying jobs to pursue their true passions. This is happening, he argues, not in spite of the ongoing pandemic but because of it. The events of the past year have led many to reassess their priorities — and for some, that has included a realization that they simply don’t find their work fulfilling. 

While many people don’t have the option to quit their job without something else lined up, this trend should be on all employers’ radars — because it could lead to rising attrition rates across the board in the months ahead. Prudential’s Pulse of the American Worker Survey, which polled 2,000 full-time U.S. workers in March 2021, found that one in four (26%) plan to look for a new job with a different employer after the pandemic. Among millennials, the largest generation in the workforce today, that number is one in three (34%). >>> READ MORE

What a Thought Leader Does LeadG2

We’re all guilty of throwing around the terms “thought leader” and “thought leadership.”  These days the terms are so often used that we forget what they actually mean.

In fact, Inc Magazine states that the term "thought leader" is one of the most misunderstood titles in business. Tied for first is the term "influencer." 

Is sharing content on social media considered thought leadership? Do you need 10K LinkedIn followers to reach the status of a “thought leader?” The short answer is no. We all have the ability and opportunity to be thought leaders just by educating, improving, and adding value to our industry as a whole. >>> READ MORE

The Intersection of Culture and Sales Performance Business 2 Community

It’s not the latest and greatest playbook, or a conversational intelligence tool, or even hiring top sales trainers.

What will help your sales team win time and time again is your company culture.

Today, culture and revenue have never been so closely intertwined. The last year has changed the market – organizations are rethinking how to support their sales teams in terms of ongoing development and retention.

Why? Because consistent sales performance hinges on rep productivity. And high rep productivity requires a company culture that values developing salespeople to be the best they can be.

Company Culture And Employee Engagement Are NOT The Same Up Your Culture

By now, you’ve heard all the buzz about company culture and employee engagement and you may wonder what the difference is between the two.

Company culture and employee engagement go hand in hand but are NOT the same thing. It's easy to assume they are though, as they are connected. If you have the right company culture in place, your employees will be more engaged in their roles and with your company’s purpose. >>>READ MORE

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