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Focused on Talent: 360 Executive Strength Coaching

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In this episode, we’re wrapping up our season-long coverage of The Center for Sales Strategy’s latest Talent Magazine.

Today, we’re taking some time to discuss a group of people who too often get the short end of the “development stick.” That’s right; we’re talking about leaders.

Joining Matt to uncover the ways in which leaders can most effectively tap into their innate strengths is Beth Sunshine.

Beth makes so many awesome points, like:

  • How 360 Executive Coaching allows leaders to see both where they are using their strengths as well as areas where they could stand to develop their strengths even more.

  • Why, even if you have raw talent, you still need to focus on developing it into an actual skill.

  • And, finally, why leaders who aren’t intentionally focusing on their strengths are missing out on opportunities to develop not only themselves but the teams they manage as well.
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Navigating Virtual Recruitment

Navigating Remote Recruitment

A few years ago, the idea of hiring a candidate without an in-person meeting seemed ridiculous. Since hiring the right person is vital to a team's success, the idea of not being in the same room, shaking hands, and making an in-person connection was, at best, a last resort and, at worst, unthinkable.

But whether you embraced video conferencing or were dragged into it kicking and screaming, over the last three years we have developed the technology, know-how, and experience to conduct most interactions online. Here are some ways to get the most out of your recruitment.

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10 Things Managers Do To Build a Healthy Sales Pipeline

Healthy Sales Pipeline

As a sales manager, imagine how much better your life would be if you were consistently able to:

  • Forecast with better accuracy
  • Improve the sales performance of your team

These elements are important, and delivering one or the other is not an option. When you have a healthy sales pipeline that is regularly monitored, both can be easy to achieve.

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Focused on Talent: Engagement with Deborah Fulghum and Kate Rehling

ISP_Ep.60__ Cover Graphic UPDATED FINAL

In this episode, we’re once again consulting the latest Talent Magazine by The Center for Sales Strategy.

Today, we’re focusing on Engagement with Kate Rehling and Deborah Fulghum, joining Matt to help break it all down. Kate and Deborah both provide super valuable insights, like:

  • How a company culture is like a garden. If you regularly tend to it, what you plant will flourish. If you don’t, weeds will start sprouting in no time.
  • Why the success of your organization doesn’t depend on WHERE you work but HOW you work.
  • And, finally, why engagement and satisfaction are in no way the same thing.
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Sales Accelerator Ai — a Custom AI Chat for Sales Professionals

Digital hands putting together puzzle pieces representing AI


The Center for Sales Strategy Launches Sales Accelerator Ai, a Custom AI Chat for Sales Professionals 

(August 8, 2023) — The Center for Sales Strategy (CSS), a leading provider of sales training and coaching solutions, proudly announces the launch of Sales Accelerator Ai, a groundbreaking custom AI chat designed to empower salespeople and sales leaders, revolutionizing the way they enhance their sales performance.

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10 Strategies for Getting B2B Salespeople Up and Running Quickly

10 Strategies for Getting B2B Salespeople Up and Running Quickly

In today's competitive B2B sales environment, it's more important than ever to have a strong sales team that can close deals quickly. But hiring and training new salespeople can be a costly and time-consuming process.

That's why getting new salespeople up and running quickly is so important.

Here are 10 strategies for getting B2B salespeople up and running quickly.

Topics: sales training onboarding

Overlooking This One Key Factor When Hiring Will Hurt You!

Overlooking This One Key Factor When Hiring Will Hurt You!

Finding a candidate with top talent to fill an open position is a good feeling. You’ve found someone that possesses the skills and experience necessary to perform the job at hand and do it well. Box checked! 

During the interview process, you focused mainly on their qualifications and professional background, but it was hard to get a sense of who they are and what they are about. You tell yourself that it’s not too much of a concern; with their skills and talent, it should all work out.  

Sometimes it does work out, but many times it doesn’t. Don't overlook this one key factor when hiring a new candidate!

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Recruitment: 10 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know

Recruitment 10 Data-Backed Facts You Should Know (1)

Finding and hiring top talent is one of the most important tasks for any organization.

With the job market more competitive than ever, it's crucial that organizations stay on top of the latest trends and data to build an effective hiring strategy.

In this post, we'll highlight 10 data-backed facts and statistics that every recruiter should know in 2023 and moving forward. From the power of employer branding to the priorities of Gen Z, these insights will help you attract, engage, and hire the best candidates for open roles.

We'll also look at data on job seeker frustrations, how to improve candidate experience, retention risk factors, and more. Whether you're looking to fill one opening or overhaul your entire recruiting process, this information will ensure you have the right approach backed by data.

Use these key learnings to make more informed decisions, stand out in the talent marketplace and build a high-performing workforce.

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Focused on Talent: Development with Stephanie Downs and Kelly George

ISP_Ep.59__ Cover Graphic (Updated)

In this episode, we’re taking a good look at the Development section of the latest Talent Magazine from The Center for Sales Strategy. Here to help Matt determine the best ways to go about developing your people are Stephanie Downs and Kelly George.

Together, Stephanie and Kelly highlight some amazing points to think about, like:

  • Why employees want to be coached rather than managed.
  • How AI tools may soon be helping leaders build personalized learning paths through the identification of employee skill gaps.
  • And, finally, why you should never assume that development is solely for new hires alone.
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7 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills

7 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Strong leaders are an important piece of any organization, and those in leadership positions possess certain talents and skills that helped them get to where they are today.

But anyone in that role will tell you, they are never done improving and are constantly seeking ways to improve their skills. Here are seven ways to do just that!

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