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Sales Strategy: Is Your Prospect Listening?

Where sales go to dieIf you’ve ever had the opportunity to sit on the listening-side of a role-play, or act as an observer or manager while an eager account executive makes their pitch, you have likely witnessed that pivotal moment when a flawless presentation slides into pointless monologue.  It is like the rise and fall of a well-orchestrated opera, when the prospect is sending all kinds of positive signals… but the sales person presses on with their argument.  (They have a lot invested in the preparation of this presentation… and they’re going to darn well deliver it.)

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Sales Strategy: Attempts and Contacts... Knowing the Difference

Sales Secret Great salespeople understand the difference between attempts and contactsWe run a division of our company called the Appointment Lab, where our team takes ideal prospects that our clients identify and we do the hard work to set appointments with those accounts. Anyone in sales knows this is one of the toughest parts of the sales process—if not the toughest.  

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Improve Sales Performance: The best are AND sellers, not OR sellers

The best salespeople are AND sellers, not OR sellersHave you seen the new Ford ad campaign?  It is what they call the "AND not OR" campaign. They are using this campaign to build the perception that when you buy a Ford you don't have to compromise. One ad asks if you want a "Bed or Breakfast?"  No one wants that. We want both.

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Sales Strategy: Don’t let the guideline become a noose

Sales StratgegyI recently had the chance to observe a seller in the process of a needs analysis meeting with a client.  She had clearly prepared exhaustively for the event… with page after page of well thought-out questions.   

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6 Horrible Words Customer Focused Salespeople NEVER Say!

6 Horrible Words Customer Focused Salespeople NEVER Say!Recently, I was talking with a salesperson about his initial approach to prospective customers. He couldn’t seem to get folks interested in having a conversation with him. He was hearing the immediate brush off of “no thanks, not interested” soon into every cold call. While this is common, there are specific tactics that can warm up cold calls enough to get prospects to take your call, and even set aside time by scheduling an initial call.  My call with this particular rep was to share some of those tactics and best practices to help him experience more success during his initial approach.

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The Immense Power of Appreciation

The Immense Power of AppreciationYou should be jealous of me this week. I received an amazing thank you card from a client for whom I had created a custom sales meeting to help launch an important project. 

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Improve Sales Performance by Timing and Aligning Client Expectations

timing and aligningWe all know it's important to talk early and often about what your clients expectations are. After you identify a true client need is the time to start talking about expectations.

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Sales Strategy: Are You Getting LinkedIn, or Just Locked Out?

Are You Getting LinkedIn, or Just Locked OutA client recently asked me to provide some feedback on his LinkedIn page. With more and more attention being given to social media, and the way it can enhance an individual’s personal marketing efforts, he wanted to make sure he was “looking good.”

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Sales Strategy: Are You Playing “Slop,” or “No Slop?"

Sales StrategyI’ll thank Steve Lahr, a Director of Sales in St. Cloud, Minnesota for this analogy to new business development. Steve is relatively new to The Center for Sales Strategy family of clients; Townsquare Media only recently joined our ranks.

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The Ultimate Sales Strategy Weapon to Combat the Competition

Sales StrategyWe are all in search of the ultimate sales strategy weapon we can employ to deal with the challenges of price and product competition. And, at last, we may have actually uncovered it.

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