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How to Help Your Salespeople Burn Strong, Not Burn Out


As managers, we want to get everything we can out of our sales team. The harder they work, the more they will deliver, right? What if we looked at our sales teams differently? What if we asked instead, "What can we do to see results and stay on target, while keeping our team happy and ready to take on more?"

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Have You Conducted a Talent Check Up Lately?


Our sales departments are filled with Sales Managers, Directors of Sales, VPs of Sales, and even Chief Sales Officers who are charged with generating sales and growing business. What we don’t typically find in a sales operation is a  “Talent Manager” or “Talent Coach" — even though the best sales leaders out there know that the best way to drive sales is to hire exceptionally talented salespeople.  

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Can Sales Ability Really Be Taught?


Can sales ability really be taught? Or is it a natural talent that you are born with? I now know the answer after observing many real-life experiments in nature vs. nurture during our family’s tradition of participating in Lemonade Day.

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Are You Doing What You Were Born To Do?

Most of us spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we are supposed to be doing with our lives. We wonder whether we are on the right path and if we are using our strengths as we should.    

Although some discover their passion and their purpose at a young age, for most, this is part of a life-long journey. Regardless of your age or experience, it may be easier than you think to spot the tell-tale signs of talent and figure out what your strengths are! Then, once you have pin-pointed your strengths, it’s just a matter of seeking additional opportunities to use them.

Many years ago I had the opportunity to hear Marcus Buckingham speak. He explained the difference between a strength and a weakness in a way so simple that a small child could understand—yet it was powerful enough to change how grown adults think. Don’t quote me here, but essentially what he said was that when you do something that uses a strength, you feel strong. Even after hours of practice, although you may be tired, you are left feeling energized and eager. When you do something that is a weakness for you, you feel weak. At the end, you feel depleted, disengaged, and you are ready to stop.

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Ten Ways to Increase B2B Sales Performance with Successful Feedback

Leadership DevelopmentMy afternoon was filled with pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo, and that doesn’t happen very often around here! Smack-dab between my 2:00pm Sales Talent Interview and my 3:30pm talent coaching call, my daughter (who is working this summer as a nanny for an 11-month old cutie named Tripp) popped by my office with an armload of squealing energy.  

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Sales Coaching: Top Five Talent Articles of 2013

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Sales Coaching: Are you making the most of your talents?

Are you making the most of your talents At The Center for Sales Strategy, our reason for being is to Turn Talent into Performance.  But some of what we do, you can do for yourself. Just take the time to study what people appreciate about the services and sales efforts you provide. 

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Executive Coaching: A management lesson from JFK

Management lesson from JFKTruth be told, I’m not very good at most things. Neither are you. 

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Sales Strategy: When You Don't Want a Buyer to Call

Sales StrategyHow you are viewed can often be determined by when a buyer wants to talk to you.

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Sales Management Secrets: Coaching the Talent of Enterpriser

sales management secretsSome people desire complete collaboration and group decisions and they seek lots of guidance in their daily work to make sure they are on-track.  

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