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Weekly Roundup: LinkedIn Profile Tips, Why Culture Matters + More

LinkedIn Profile Tips, Why Culture Matters


"Nothing will work unless you do."

-Maya Angelou


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10+ LinkedIn Profile Tips to Stand Out in 2021Sales Hacker

Would you slide into a prospect’s DMs to land a product demo?

When it comes to social selling, LinkedIn is the most effective platform for generating leads and demand around your business. Whether you’re just starting your sales career or you’re looking to make your next move, having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile is one step you can’t afford to skip. >>> READ MORE


Why Organizational Culture Is a Competitive DifferentiatorBusiness2Community

Organizational culture doesn’t mean that you own the trendiest or coolest business — it means that you operate a positive workplace with a strong values and an even stronger identity, a place that drives business success.

The key to organizational culture? Healthy and engaged employees who believe in their company’s core mission — employees who feel heard, are recognized, and encouraged to become the best that they can be. >>> READ MORE

How To Build And Scale A Sales TeamForbes

Building and scaling a sales team requires more than putting a job advertisement online or in the newspaper or quickly acquiring clients. You also want to have a foundation for future scaling and to earn more revenue consistently.

Remote selling has become a new priority. With current events mandating that professional offices remain closed if they are nonessential, salespeople need to make cold calls and schedule meetings using digital tools. >>> READ MORE

Video for Sales Emails: How to Use Video to Book More Meetings–Vidyard

Why is using video for sales emails a smarter way to engage prospects and advance deals?

Imagine you just bought a new dresser you need to assemble. Would you rather read a dense, 15-page instruction guide or watch a quick 90-second video that clearly shows each step?

Many prefer video as a much easier format to consume information over text. Your prospects are no different. They are overwhelmed and busy and sales videos allow them to quickly learn what your company has to offer—along with a host of other benefits explained here. >>>READ MORE

How to Build Your Sales Enablement StrategyLeadG2

New year, new sales goals. As you look at your sales results from last year, you'll want to evaluate your successes, as well as your shortcomings. Any areas that need to be strengthened, you should build into your sales enablement strategy.

How can you better prepare your sales reps to give prospects what they need? And how can you align these needs with your overall sales goals? The right sales enablement strategy can answer both of these questions. >>> READ MORE

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