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Inbound Marketing: How to Write an Effective Blog Post

Inbound MarketingOne of the greatest and most well known benefits of blogging (aka Content Marketing) is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effects that you gain by publishing blog posts and premium content on a regular basis.

However, if you are not utilizing certain best practices and guides for authoring effective content your efforts will not be optimized, and it will take longer and more effort to achieve your desired results.

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Digital Marketing: Creating Campaigns That Work (Part 2)

digital marketing strategyIn Part 1 of this blog series, the question was asked: How do businesses use local media sites to effectively market their business? This is a digital marketing strategy question that is heard frequently and it is for that reason we set out to find an answer.

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Sales Strategies: What Marketers Can Expect in 2013

digital sales strategyThe New Year has recently come and gone and we are moving fast into 2013 and trying to put 2012 behind us. If you were like many marketers and business owners, 2012 was full of uncertainty as the economy continued its slow growth rate, the fiscal cliff was looming and we were in an election year. This uncertainty impacted consumer confidence negatively and many businesses held off on capital investments and hiring. What does 2013 hold for us? What can we learn from this to help our sales and marketing strategies?

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Digital Marketing Strategy: Creating Campaigns That Work (Part 1)

Creating Digital Campaigns That Work
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Want to Hear Something Awesome?! The Edge Podcast has arrived

describe the imageThe guiding principle of Inbound Marketing is that by producing quality content you can attract and educate prospective clients about your service offerings, and generate qualified leads.  While most inbound marketing efforts focus solely on written blogs, many content marketers are turning to alternative means of publishing including video and audio podcasts.

One of the reasons why podcasting has become so popular with content marketers is that it’s easier than ever to create and distribute podcasts, and reach a large number of listeners.  Utilizing show notes or recaps from the podcasts, content marketers can also benefit from the effect that these show notes can have on search engine results.

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Three Big Social Media Stories and How They Affect Your Content Marketing

inbound marketingThis was a big week for social media changes. Here are three stories we think you need to be aware of... and why you should care!

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Overcome an Outdated Prospecting Process—Inbound Marketing Forum 2012 Recap

Inbound MarketingThe Center for Sales Strategy's Inbound Marketing Forum was this past week in Atlanta, and I had the honor of being able to attend and to speak at the event.

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Reason #1 You Need to Jump on the Inbound Marketing Bandwagon

inbound marketing

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Remembering one of the greatest innovators of all time

innovation and thought leadershipInnovation is important. We salute all of you that are thinking of—and trying—new ways to add value, deliver service and provide new information to the customers you serve.

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HubSpot 3: Dynamic Content and Personalized Marketing

Inbound marketingRecently I wrote a blog post about how dynamic websites with frequently updated content are rapidly replacing legacy “corporate brochure” sites. This trend has never been more evident than after hearing the announcement by HubSpot at Inbound 2012 that they are moving to a more personalized visitor experience.

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