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Top Five Inbound Posts of 2013 to Improve Your Lead Generation

describe the imageInbound marketing is your ticket to not only being part of the dialogue but having the ability to start conversations with your top prospects and your best clients. This is done by publishing online content through your website and blog, and providing ways for visitors to qualify themselves. Creating content and generating leads are at the core of a successful inbound marketing program and we help businesses every day develop and execute successful inbound strategies. However, you too can start implementing a plan that will help you get found online, fill your lead funnel, and find new customers. 

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Top Five Digital Posts of 2013: Improve Your Digital Sales Strategy

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Digital Marketing & Media: 7 Big Things Happening in Social Media

7 Big Things Happening in Social MediaAs social media becomes a more significant component in a company’s marketing strategy, keeping up-to-date on the changes happening in some of the more popular sites also grows in importance. Whether you own a business, sell digital media, or manage digital salespeople, it is important to know what is happening in the world of social media.

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Digital Marketing: Don't Forget Mobile in Your Integrated Campaign

digital marketingBuilding an effective marketing strategy has always been important and sometimes daunting task for businesses and it isn't getting any easier! If you've spent any time reading this blog, you know that developing integrated campaigns is key and new studies show how vital mobile has become to these solutions. As a business owner/CMO/part of a marketing department; having a good understanding of this can be vital to your upcoming marketing successes.

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Digital Marketing: Insights Your Customers Need to Know About

Integrated Solutions 01If you play a hand in your company's marketing efforts or sell traditional media, there's a study worth paying attention to for two reasons:

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Digital Marketing: Creating Campaigns That Work (Part 2)

digital marketing strategyIn Part 1 of this blog series, the question was asked: How do businesses use local media sites to effectively market their business? This is a digital marketing strategy question that is heard frequently and it is for that reason we set out to find an answer.

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Just Released: Digital Integrated Marketing Infographic

When it comes to conveying your message to your audience, you'll find the sweet spot when you combine the power of traditional media with digital media. The integrated marketing solution provides prospects and customers with both the spark of interest and the depth of information they require to make a buying decision.

Integrated Marketing Solution
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Should You Have an App for That? [Integrated Marketing Solutions]

should you have an appThere’s been a lot of talk over the last few weeks on the growth of revenue derived from apps; whether it is the adoption of subscription based apps or the in-app purchases consumers have become comfortable making. So comfortable that some say in-app purchases (a.k.a. clicking ‘buy’ in a gaming app) could reach over $4 billion in 2012- double that of 2011! 

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The Difference Between Making a Sale and Making a Customer: Measurable Results [Sales Strategy]

retention checklistLast Friday's story from Research Brief reminds us that while more executives expect measurable results from their marketing investment, relatively few of their providers are able to demonstrate that ROI.  (Click here to see that briefing.)

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The Unsexy Side of Selling Digital Advertising

selling digitalNo question, some amazing online and cross platform campaigns have been produced this year. One of my personal favorites is Intel's Museum of Me. When I see these robust, multimedia campaigns come to life on my iPad, iPhone, or PC screen I am quick to post, Tweet and email links to friends and coworkers who will think it equally as cool. Because after all, when done right, it's another form of entertainment! With all that sizzle online creative can deliver, how much goes into building, designing and implementing such cool ideas?

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