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Improve Sales Performance by Timing and Aligning Client Expectations

timing and aligningWe all know it's important to talk early and often about what your clients expectations are. After you identify a true client need is the time to start talking about expectations.

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When Getting an Appointment Can Actually Hurt Your Sales Strategy

sales strategy?So, you have an appointment with a new prospect. That’s good. Is it clear to the prospect what you’ll be talking about, or did you sort of leave a few important details out just to get your foot in the door?  After all, once they spend a little time with you, they’ll be charmed with you, right?

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Sales Strategy: When to Up-sell or Cross-sell a Customer?

sales strategy!Take a moment and think of times you were up-sold in the past.  It happens so frequently, that you don’t even realize it.  I wanted to order flowers on a website, another screen popped up and I ordered chocolates and I received free shipping…  I went to the auto repair shop specifically for an oil change and added two additional repairs that my service clerk recommended…  As a sales strategy, is this a bad thing or a good thing?

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Sales Strategy: Please Don’t Leave Me

Please don't leave meAs a sales professional, you are accustomed to what it feels like from the seller’s experience juggling prospects, customers, details, and priorities.  But, have you ever stopped to think what life feels like from the prospect’s point of view assuming they stay with you through the sales process?  Do you sometimes disappear from the sales process only to reappear when you get back on track with your schedule? 

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Sales Strategy: Lost leader, or lost cause?

Lost Cause Price Tag photo
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Leadership Development: The root word of business is BUSY

leadership developmentIn their trend forecast for 2013, Trendwatching.com shares an observation called “Mobile Moments.”  The idea is that people are now making use of every available moment, since they can hold their news sources, entertainment, telephone and social network in the palm of their hand.   

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Why should you be happy when you fail?

sales goalsYou shouldn’t be satisfied if you nail your objectives 100% of the time. If you hit the bull’s eye every time, you are standing too close to the target. Challenge yourself and your team to stretch—to achieve great things. When you succeed, celebrate! When you don’t, congratulate the team for being willing to shoot for a tough goal. Then analyze what went well, discuss what could have gone better and set your next goal. 

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You’ve Got the Appointment – Now What?

sales appointmentOne of the most difficult aspects of selling is getting the first appointment with a new prospect. That is a fact, but it shouldn’t be the only focus. Simply getting the appointment is not the goal; the goal is to get a good appointment.

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Everything I Ever Learned about How to Have an Effective Meeting... I Learned in Kindergarten!

setting expectationsI recently visited my daughter’s kindergarten class as a volunteer. There were many routines the children followed including putting book bags away, sitting crisscross applesauce in circle time, and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. But one part of the daily morning routine really hit home. It was called “The Daily Itinerary.”

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Does Your Sales Process Turn the Prospect into a Spectator?

sales strategyThink of the last family wedding you attended. Did you sit at a table with Aunt Nelda, picking at your salad? Or did you get up and mingle and dance? Did you do the funky chicken?

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