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Five Celebrities Who Exemplify Professional Branding

professional brandingIt's Pop Culture Week on The Center for Sales Strategy Blog. Each day this week, we're taking our sales strategy lessons from the pages of pop culture. Today, we're talking celebrities...

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Social Media Explained—in Plain English

social mediaHave you ever found yourself trying to explain the difference between Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? How about trying to articulate the draw of a FourSquare, Instagram or newer site like Pinterest? Better yet, how about the reasons why you would want to be actively engaged with multiple social media sites?

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Make Twitter your New Year’s Resolution [Professional Branding]

resolutionIf you're still looking for a New Year's Resolution, go ahead and add engaging with Twitter to that list of possibilities. By the time you're done reading this, you'll see why it's worth your time as a seller.

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LinkedIn is your Secret Weapon for B2B Lead Generation

Linked InI think I joined LinkedIn about 5 years ago. When I did, I really didn’t know why. I did it because someone sent me an “invite to join,” and I thought if I didn’t, I would be left out of “something important.” I certainly didn’t want to be “left out.” Then, for about 3 years, I really didn’t do much with LinkedIn. I don’t even think my profile was accurate or up-to-date. I rarely logged in; I did not join any groups, and I did not ask anyone to “join my network.”  I kind of just sat back and let my LinkedIn account develop on its own. Needless to say, it developed rather slowly.

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Which Republican Presidential Candidate is Standing Out—in a Good Way? [Sales Strategy]

Establish sales credibilityIf you are planning to vote in the Republican Presidential primary in the coming months, you are a potential prospect for Newt, Romney and all the gang. I got to thinking about how similar this is to what we go through as sales people when we try to get that first appointment with an ideal prospect. It takes a combination of getting attention and establishing credibility. If you can do those two things, you are generally going to stand out enough to get an appointment. If you only do one, you will not sell the prospect on the value of spending time with you. 

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Professional Branding Lessons From Drew Manning’s Fit2Fat2Fit Journey

drew manningCrazy. Brave. Passionate. Confident. These are the words I would use to describe Drew Manning, the personal trainer who embarked on a journey to go from fit to fat to fit again all in a year’s time. Drew spent the last six months gaining nearly 80 pounds, and on Monday, he will begin the process of taking it off. I just heard about Drew yesterday, so I’m a little behind. However, I’m fascinated by this story, and the social networking and professional branding takeaways.

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5 Things Bigfoot Can Teach Us About Sales Strategy


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